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Crate and Barrel, Romeoville, IL

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Crate & Barrel Solar Plant


Romeoville, Illinois

Installation Type:

Ballasted Roof Mounted System

System Size:

3,029.49 KW

System energy production:

3,614,000 KWH - 1st year

Energy Cost Savings:

$1.1m Over 20-year PPA Term

As a means to provide sustainable renewable energy contributing to a healthier environment, reducing energy generated by fossil fuels, reduction of emissions and lower energy costs, Crate&Barrel has partnered with Solar USA to design and construct a rooftop mounted solar system for their E-Commerce Industrial facility located in Romeoville, Illinois. This ComEd Energy grid connected Distributed Generation system will generate enough electricity to provide approximately 3,614,000-kWp and more than 35% of the facility electrical needs.

The solar project is sized at 3,029.49-kWp, using 6,732 Tier One Monocrystalline solar panels at 410-W for the ballasted rooftop mounted solar system. The system employs 33 60-kW string inverters appropriately sized to convert the DC energy produced by the solar plant into AC energy. In addition to the solar system, this project will utilize a backup battery storage system to provide stored energy for peak shaving ComEd demand charges.

Solar USA in a partnership with Crate & Barrel forged a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)providing $1,097,512 energy savings over the term of the PPA, in addition the solar system will produce approximately 3,400 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC's) annually.

Solar USA managed all phases of the construction process, including the day-to-day operations, weekly subcontractor, and Owner meetings, site monitoring, quality assurance and control, and scheduling with a 20 Year maintenance agreement.

The Solar System is the largest solar system in the City of Romeoville. The C&B systems will be commissioned year 2022.

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