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Quad City International Airport

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Quad City International Airport Solar Plant


Moline, Illinois

Installation Type:

Carport & Roof Mounted System

System Size:

1833.93 KW – 4th Largest In Any U.S. Airport

System energy production:

2,190,376 KWH - 1st Year

Energy Cost Savings:

$620K Over 25-year PPA Term

Solar USA was contracted to design and construct a rooftop and carport mounted solar system for The Metropolitan Airport Authority of Rock Island county to be installed at the Quad City International Airport, located in Moline, Illinois. This MidAmerican Energy grid connected Distributed Generation system will generate enough electricity to provide approximately 2,190,376-kWp and more than 55% of the facility electrical needs.

The solar project is sized at 1833.93-kWp, using 4,473 Monocrystalline solar panels at 410-W for the carport and rooftop mounted solar system. The parking structure solar array is sized at 705.61-kWp, along with solar array affixed to the terminal roof sized at 1128.32-kWp. They system employs 22 60-kW string inverters appropriately sized to convert the DC energy produced by the solar plant into AC energy. Solar panels will not only provide a clean, renewable energy source for the airport, the structure will also serve as a covered parking option for nearly 200 spots. Three additional electric vehicle charging stations will be added to the existing three.

Solar USA in a partnership with Metropolitan Airport Authority forged a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)providing substantial annual energy savings, in addition the solar system will produce approximately 2,169 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC's) annually.

Solar USA managed all phases of the construction process, including the day-to-day operations, weekly subcontractor, and Owner meetings, site monitoring, quality assurance and control, and scheduling with a 25 Year maintenance agreement.

The Solar System is the largest solar system in the state of Illinois and 4th largest in any U.S. airports. The QCIA systems will be commissioned end of Summer 2021.

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