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USA Solar being an eminent company for its various turnkey solar solutions supports a vast array of optimal services from development, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance.

Each stage is reinforced with a pool of dedicated experts that have proven success records in their respective fields.

We optimize and deliver turnkey solar solutions that reduce energy costs and meet sustainability objectives.


Our elite-in-class team has an approachable and industry-centric perspective towards the analysis of solar projects. Whatever be the uniqueness or complexity the project entails, through the deep expertise they decode and offers an optimal solution.

We closely work with our prospects, comprehend their demands, and successfully fulfill their requisites through our goal-oriented power-centralized approach.

Our financial and analytics team combined with the years of experience and knowledge fosters well-aligned profit-centric solar project analysis and development solutions. We help our commercial consumers achieve their sustainability targets with our cost-effective PPA agreements.


ccupied with keen and deeper insights of ins and out and intricate details of engineering the power-enabled solutions, our dedicated team accepts every kind of solar project and gets it engineered and designed with great potency.

Our turnkey solar engineering phase includes the vigorous designing of the overall project by keeping in mind the commercial needs of the client. The cost-effective and energy-efficient design and engineering solution results in a solar module that keeps up with the latest cutting-edge technology and optimizes financial returns from the project.


We foster a full suite of assistance during the procurement and construction execution phases.

This phase does require sheer seriousness and through our dedicated team, we make this process seamless and smooth to be implemented. Our in-house advisors and experts, tailor the project design in a way that best meets the financial requirements and goals of the client.

If you have land or a bare roof, you can now make the most out of it. With the purchase of renewable energy via solar systems, you can generate an outstanding revenue stream and can make your land profit-centric.

We turn your dream of clean energy into reality with our cost-effective suite of turnkey solar solutions.


Solar USA offers 24/7 operational and maintenance services for its renewable projects, facilities, and resources. Owned by whomsoever - whether third-party clients or vendors.

We walk through with our clients in every phase of the power generation and remain supportive in case of any maintenance required.

Our monitoring process is done by exhaustive research and real-time test cases, to offer our clients an exceptional functioning of the solar solution.

Our team also offers scheduled and preventative repair visits and delivers a tailored report on the performance of the project.

By hiring us as your Operation and Maintenance partner, we ensure that your power system delivers the maximum benefit throughout its lifetime.


Solar USA helps the vertical segments to save their capital cost on electricity consumption by offering them robust and resilient battery storage systems. Being a renewable energy generation company, the solar USA is always looking ahead for ideas and technologies to deal with unanticipated energy demands. To make the most of the mighty solar energy and sustain the mission of harnessing the needs of vertical channels, it has proposed a full range of robust turnkey solutions — battery storage systems are one of them. Efficient energy consumption has always remained an objective of diversified sectors, whether residential, industrial, or commercial. To deal with the dire need to save capital costs on electricity utility and achieve backup in power outages and grid failure, battery storage systems come as an eventual savior.

How Do Battery Storage Systems Work?

BSS (Battery Storage Systems) works on the principle of storing the excess solar energy through the system during daylight and using the stored energy at several demanding times. When electricity rates are skyrocketing or there's a power outage, these efficient systems alleviate a substantial level of the burden by reducing the peak of power consumption and costs.

They involve a three-step course of action to help you deal with unanticipated energy needs.

Charge: The device gets charged by the clean energy produced by the solar in the daytime.

Optimize: The matured battery software employs intelligent algorithms to synchronize the solar generation, utility history, usage rate structures, and weather patterns to optimize the use of the stored energy.

Discharge: The consumption of energy in the event of high utility and escalated rates of electricity. Benefits of Battery Storage Systems

These efficient energy solutions are hard to compete with any other alternative when it comes to cutting expenses, increasing flexibility and reliability, combining different power-producing resources, and mitigating climate impact.

The perks of BSS are endless and extend to offer much-needed resiliency in times of natural disasters. These efficient solutions offer immediate power backup to vulnerable individuals and communities when the electric grid goes down. Over time, these solar-powered energy storages recharge batteries, even if the roads are suspended, or accessibility to the fuel for conventional home generators is hard to get or completely unavailable.

They serve as a high-quality power-backup and a favorable choice to withstand critical loads of heavy machines like refrigerators and ACs.

Unarguably, they have become the most disruptive breakthrough in the sphere of improving economics and energy dynamics.

They are weatherproof and harmless to humans and animals. Not only that, they are easy to install and maintain and offer every reason to have them on the premises, whether commercial, industrial or residential.

We Harness the Power of Sun to Achieve Sustainability Goals

To forge a better and sustainable future through clean energy, the solar USA offers affordable advanced energy storage technologies. The battery systems that are commercially viable, scalable, and emission-free.

We help the vertical segments to save their capital cost on electricity consumption by offering them robust and resilient battery storage systems. USA Solar supports in designing, installing, and O&M of the battery storage systems. Not only that, but it also performs a deep analysis of your electrical consumption so that it provides a tailored solution meeting the need of your facility.

In short, we leverage the way to smart living through cutting-edge energy storage technologies and solutions.

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